I've love branding. Coming up with with new ideas and concepts for a new brand identity, for a new or existing company, is like... my most favorite thing ever. And even though I'm not a professional graphic designer, I still have some design skills, and always find the right people to collaborate with (Marie being one of those people) to design gorgeous brands!

And I've been thinking about growing Meg Ramsay Branding. So, here is my public announcement: I'm holding a sort of "Contest", if you will. All you have to do is submit your work following the rules written below, and I will personally check it out!

There are some ground rules, though. Being a young branding entrepreneur, I wanted to help young graphic designers get more exposure.

So here's the rules for submitting your work:

  • Must be between 18 and 25
  • Must have gone to an art or graphic design related school (or just simply dream about becoming a designer so much that you haven't needed to gone to a specialised school, and consider yourself "self-taught")
  • Must produce 3 individual graphics of your choice, which most represent your personal style (Be yourself! I won't judge!). One of the three must be a logo concept.
  • All 3 designs must be on a PNG page, which also has your name, age, email address, and instagram account (I'll assume you have one!)
  • Submit by sending us a message on our Facebook Page: HERE


(Files which are not a PNG will not be opened. Thank you!)

Why submit?

I'm looking to build a "remote" team, whom I can send graphic design projects to.

If I'm interested in your work/style, I'll contact you, and maybe we can work together in the future!

I know how hard to can be for entry level graphic designers. So, this could be a chance for you to develop your list of references! If I like your work, I'd be happy to recommend you.

PS: If you want me to see your work, you can also use the #MegRamsayBranding hashtag in your Instagram posts! 

Looking forward to seeing your work!

- Meg